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Solving the Node Buffer Constructor Deprecation Problem


With the EOL (end of life) of Node 4.0 and the introduction of Node 10 coming in April, it’s time to look at that perennial Node problem: what to do about the Buffer constructors.

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Robert Scoble: Tech’s Weinstein Moment

Earlier today I was stunned to read about the accusations of sexual harassment¬†against Robert Scoble.¬† We aren’t friends, but we have friends in common and we have interacted remotely in the past.

I had no idea, no clue, that Scoble had harassed women. There are some people you might suspect of doing so, and some people you don’t, and before today I would have listed Scoble in the latter category. It just goes to show that on the internet, people don’t always know you’re a dog.